Rules And Regulations


Giving a 30-day notice:

As outlined in the lease, Tenants may terminate their lease by providing a written notice.  The notice must be submitted in writing and tenants must use our form.

Notices can be submitted by fax or mail. Notices cannot be submitted through our website.  The time for the 30-day notice begins on the date that the written notice is received in our office.

If you are choosing to leave during the initial term of your lease, you will be responsible for rent until the end of the initial term or until the apartment is re-rented, whichever happens first.

Once you have completed the initial term of your lease, the lease automatically becomes a month-to-month lease. It does not end.  You must provide a written notice of your intent to vacate thirty days prior to the end of the initial term if you do not wish for the contract to automatically renew.

Please click the link below to access our form. This form must be completed, signed by all adult household members and mailed or delivered to our office.  If there is more than one adult member of your household, you must designate one person to receive the deposit.

Move Out Notice


Receiving your Security Deposit refund:

The security deposit paid when tenants move in is refundable at the end of the tenancy if the apartment is left without damage (beyond normal wear and tear) and is left clean. Cleaning is never considered normal wear and tear.  If we have to hire a vendor to clean the apartment or the carpets, the charge will be deducted from the security deposit.

Security deposit refunds are completed within 30-days of the date the apartment is vacated. We make every effort to complete the security deposit refund as quickly as possible.

We will issue only one check refunding the security deposit. If there are multiple adult household members, the household must designate one member on the written 30-day notice form to receive the deposit.  The disbursement of the deposit between household members is the responsibility of the household.

The link below is a copy of the Security Deposit Agreement completed during the lease signing. This form tells you what you need to do to receive the full refund of your security deposit.

Security Deposit Form