Resident Services

General policies:

  • —Residents wishing to have a flower garden are permitted to use the landscape bed by their apartment.
  • —Residents are encouraged to report any concerns or maintenance needs. We have a 24 hour live answering service available to take your call even when the office is closed.
  • —Pools, personal playground equipment and fireworks are not permitted.
  • —Satellite dishes are not allowed.

Snow Removal policies:

  • —All vehicles must be backed into the parking spaces – this will make it easier for people to drive out of their spaces for plowing. The bumper(s) of your vehicle must not overlap the sidewalk.
  • —We have contracted for the common walkways to be cleared of snow – please remember that each household is responsible for the walkway from their door out to the common walkway.
  • —The plow company will plow a path down the parking lot roadway and clear as many parking spaces as possible. You must move your vehicle either out of the parking lot or to one of these plowed spaces so that your space and parking area can be plowed.
  • —Please remember that all cars must move when the plow comes. Due to the layout of the parking lot, it cannot be appropriately cleared if all vehicles do not move.
  • —We have advised the plow company that they have the authority to have vehicles towed if they do not move for them to plow when they return for the second part of the plowing process. Please be aware that if you do not move your vehicle for plowing, your vehicle will be towed at your expense.