Condo Services

Community Inspection:
Your property manager will perform frequent inspections of the property to determine any potential maintenance needs and to ensure property personnel are performing satisfactorily. Inspections include common areas, lawns and buildings.

Contracted Services:
Your property manager will assist you in obtaining bids and negotiating contracts with contractors. We will then coordinate the work to be performed under these contracts.

Service Requests:
All service requests made by residents will be handled by your property manager. Your property manager will also assist the Board in evaluating these requests to isolate any potential problems.

Condo Services – Fiscal

Financial Statements:
Your property manager will provide your board with a monthly financial statement that will contain the following information:

  • —Operating Statement (Income/Expense Statement, Balance Sheet – lists assets, liabilities and equity/capital)
  • —Reserves
  • —Assessment Fee – prepaid and delinquency report

Accounts Payable:
Your property manager will process all bill payments through our office.

Accounts Receivable:
Your property manager will maintain accurate accounting records of all funds received by the Association. The actual funds are held in the Association’s individual bank account. Your property manager will keep you up to date with information regarding delinquent and prepaid owners on association fees and approved special assessments. A complete payment record is maintained on each owner.

Condo Services – Administrative

Your Property Manager will organize your meetings, start to finish. From preparation of notices to counting ballots, your property manager will ensure that your meetings run smoothly and are productive.

Your Property Manager will take the roll of employer for you. Interviewing, hiring, evaluating and dismissing of employees are handled through our office. Whether you need full time or part time personnel for your association, your property manager will work with your board to ensure you have the right person for the job.

24 Hour Answering Services:
We know emergencies can happen when the office is closed. For this reason, we provide 24 hour emergency service. Should an emergency arise, we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enforcement of Declaration:
Enforcement of condo rules can be a very sensitive subject. As your property manager we are able to enforce the rules as unbiased professionals, eliminating the potential for resident to resident conflict.